Boyfriend With Heroin Addiction?

Question by maddy: Boyfriend with heroin addiction?
I just found out that my boyfriend of two and a half years has been smoking heroin on a daily basis for about a month a half what is the best way to go about finding a rehab that I can aford and how bad is the addiction a month a half in?

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Answer by tulleybeard
tell someone! turn him in! it is important, especially for him! if you care about him, you will help. it’s for the best!

Answer by Judy B
You cannot solve his addiction. He must want to want to stop using it himself. Do not pay for his rehab, he needs to pay for it himself so that he will value it.

You can call your or his doctor for a recommendation for a rehab centre and ask about subsidy. Get their brochure and give it to him. Tell him that you will support him emotionally if he chooses to go to rehab and that you will be break off your relationship with him if he does not. Then let him choose — you or the drug.

If he chooses the drug, do not argue with his choice, accept it. Tell him that if he chooses to go to rehab in the future, you will be supportive of that decision. Also tell him that you will consider resuming your relationship once he is clean.

This is very important, he must want to do this for himself, you cannot do it for him. And you must leave him if he continues to use heroin.

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