Beyonce Knowles – Beyonce Hits the Big 3-0

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Heroin Addiction Facts: Beyonce Knowles – Beyonce Hits The Big 3-0
Beyonce donated her entire pay cheque from her 2008 movie Cadillac Records to New York's Phoenix House rehab facility, where she researched her role as former heroin addict Etta James. She later helped launch a cosmetology school named in her honour at

Heroin Addiction Facts: Free advice to Republican candidates on entitlements
policy proposals, NYJA has a more comprehensive approach: The attachment of the American people — Republican, Democrat, and everything in between — to entitlements is quite like heroin addiction, with the Democrats as the all-too-willing pusher.
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Heroin Addiction Facts: Toxicology reports say Winehouse was clean
According to, some family members speculated that Winehouse had died from alcohol withdrawal, although the facts still remain unclear. The 27-year-old soul singer had battled a heroin addiction over many years, widespread reports indicated
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Heroin Addiction Facts: Iowa Straw Poll Open Thread
I'll admit though, I'm no expert on the behavior of heroin addicts. Paul's ''followers" have always seemed rabid, and a bit outrageous to me. SO!!! Barry IS the Joker.. Off to Arkham Asylum with him. Now that is how this is supposed to work.
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