BC Methadone Dose Change Brings Risk of Overdose

BC methadone dose change brings risk of overdose
Every morning, she goes to a Vancouver pharmacy for a dose of methadone, which she has been prescribed to stem withdrawal symptoms she would feel if she did not take the drug. As of Feb. 1, the compound she will be taking will be 10 times stronger, … Read more on The Globe and Mail

Fighting addiction with a pill has potential for abuse, officials say
However, its ceiling is much lower than those other opiate-derived drugs, making its euphoric effect and risks of dependency and overdose considerably lower. The drug comes in the form of a tablet or a dissolvable … In 2000, Congress relaxed rules … Read more on Mansfield News Journal

Alcohol & Drug Rehab St. John's Launches Program to Help Adults and
A St. John's alcohol and drug rehab center is launching a program toward helping adults and adolescents cut out their addiction to PCP through services available at Drug Addiction Treatment Centers. Data released from the National Anti-Drug … Read more on PR Web (press release)