Bad Things About Drugs?

Question by Love You: Bad things about Drugs?
Hey I have coursework (well a controlled assessment) about drugs and really need help!!!!
Can you tell me Bad points about them:

-How they effect your body
-How they also harm people around you(Smoking)
-Waste of Money


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Answer by OMFG!
Addiction and Physical Dependancy are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS. If you don’t have the biology of addiction, you can get physically dependent upon a substance but once you detox from it, you won’t think about doing it again… “Addiction” isn’t the act of doing drugs but being unable to stop CRAVING and NEEDING to do them once you detox from them.

Example: Lets take 2 males. Each is 25 years old, each is white, each is healthy overall. Both of them get in IDENTICAL car accidents. Both break their legs and throw out their backs. Both are put on Opiate Pain Medication, lets say Hydrocodone.

? Guy 1 has no family history of addiction.
? Guy 2 has an aunt and grandpa that have drinking problems and his mom REALLY likes weed.

Both feel REALLY good when taking the pain medication. Both get identical tolerance to the medication as their injuries heal and BOTH end up having to take more to get the same pain control.

Both heal and their doctors stop giving them the Opiates. Both start to detox from the Opiates.

Both feel Shaky and feel increased pain in their backs and suffer headaches as their bodies try to get them to take more Opiates.

About a week after running out of pills, after he has FULLY detoxed and no longer has ANY drugs in his system guy 1 is back at work and never thinks about taking pills ever again while guy 2 CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT GETTING MORE CODINE!!!! He goes back to his doctor and says “My back and leg still hurt, can I get more pills?” and keeps taking them.

“Addiction” isn’t doing drugs.
“Addiction” is about being UNABLE TO STOP DOING DRUGS.

If you do a bunch of coke in college or smoke weed and can stop doing it without fixating on doing more, getting more, needing more, then you are not an addict, you are abusing drugs but not addicted to them.

Approximately 30% of the human species has the genetics for addiction. Of that 30%, approximately 9% have the brain biology to get addicted to marijuana.

? 30% of 7 billion = 2,100,000,000
? 9% of 2,100,000,000 = 189,000,000

? So, if we got all 7 billion humans to start smoking weed, only 189,000,000 would become addicted to it.
? So, If we got all 7 billion humans to start drinking alcohol or do heroin, 2,100,000,000 would become addicted to it.

“Drugs” cover every single chemical on earth, each one does a different thing to your body…

Ecstasy, LSD, and Amphetamines increase Serotonin in the brain to the point where your body burns out the production centers for Serotonin and the excess Serotonin becomes a toxin that damages brain tissue. Periodic use is pretty harmless but the damage is accumulative, so the more you do the more your brain is damaged.

Marijuana only causes long term damage to the brain if the person doing it is under about the age of 18. Before then, the brain is still developing and that development is harmed by the weed. It inhibits the ability for the kid to reach developmental milestones in terms of emotional regulation, coping mechanisms, and relationships. So when you meet a 23 year old that is emotionally 16, you’ll know when they started smoking weed.

Alcohol is toxic to every cell in the body. It is the only perception altering drug people use for recreation that can kill you when you stop using it. Google “The DT’s”. If you drink a lot and then stop, it can send your brain into shock and Seizures. Alcohol detox is almost always done in a hospital before going to rehab because of the dangers of withdrawal.

Opiates have the most profound addiction but are the least likely to cause brain damage or death. Addicts die because of contaminants when they inject the drugs. This leads to strokes, clots, and hemorrhages on top of Hepatitis or HIV.

OTC Drugs like Dextromethorphan in Cough Syrup are deliriants. They make you lose touch with reality and lead to all sorts of stupid acts on top of the brain damage from taking them.

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