Atkins Help?I Need to Lose 8lbs in 9 Days?

Question by Tina: Atkins Help?I need to lose 8lbs in 9 days?
Well, as you can see in the title I need to lose 8lbs in 9days (:
I honestly do NOT think I can be perfect at the Atkins diet. If I exercised and burnt 1400 calories a day (stair stepper level 12 for one hour-it’s VERY aerobic) and ate one meal a day with carbs, the rest w/out carbs and one Coca Cola Zero a day (small bottle) (900-1100 calories a day) can I meet my goal on time? If not, what else should I do? Also, just in case, can somebody send me the Dieting rules for just any diet or tell me them? Thank you very much! (:

Additional info. is also greatly appreciated (:

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Answer by Hannibal the Cannibal
The fact of the matter is that any weight you lose is going to be put RIGHT back on after you stop. My suggestion is to do a water pill like Xpel by MHP or even GNC’s Waterex. This will get rid of water weight and water weight only, but at least you won’t be doing something completely stupid to try to lose weight.

After this is up, try actually sticking to a good diet and exercise plan so you don’t rush over here begging us to help you lose 8lbs in 9 days again.

Answer by Jesse B
This question is akin to “Help! I need to learn how to properly inject myself with heroin!” While there are many people who could properly instruct you on how to do it, the damage it causes would probably keep most people from answering it. Atkins, or any other way of eating be it low carb, low cal, low fat, is not designed to result in such an unhealthy weight loss goal.

P.S. there will be questionable people who will try and sell you a new revolutionary way to lose all that weight fast.. They are just trying to get your money. A lb of fat a day is not a healthy rate to lose

Dieting rules-
1.A Diet should not be a quick fix, it should be a way of life.
2. You didn’t gain the weight overnight, you shouldn’t try and lose it overnight

Hope this helps