Are U Addicited to Internet? How Many Hours Do You Spend on It? What Is Your Solution?

Question by Gooch: Are U addicited to Internet? How Many Hours do You spend on it? what is your solution?
also please share what you have sacrifed in life because of this addiciton?

for me:

I think too much, mabye several hours in the weekend days, and few hours at week days, but then it mean I sleep less and I felt this is not healthy because I feel I am not living in real life, although Iam not online “flirting” or chitchat with guys, and I think some stuff I do are meaningful but I think I do have problem and addicition, PLease share what your solution.

Best answer:

Answer by Shauna
o dear i was in the same boat i sacraficed a cup of tea with my family most of the time 😛 but i new i had to stop so what i did is i went out walking or just outside sitting down reading a book or something.. its ok to spend a while on it once you dont spend a long time… if you feel like your getting addicted when your on it just minus out of it get a cup of tea and go outside or sit down and watch you favourite series on tv.. hope i helped hun.. 🙂 xx

Answer by Tom Duong
i’am an addict to the internet, i spent 24 hours on it, i break it up between home computer and my cell phone internet services. i have it also on the go for facebook and msn ect. even thought you’re an addict you still have to get up and move around, work, exercise, ect.