Are Needle Exchange Programs and Heroin/methadone Clinics Morally Wrong?

Question by deadbeat119: Are needle exchange programs and heroin/methadone clinics morally wrong?
I was just reading an article about the lack of federal funding for needle exchange programs in U.S., and one part caught my attention – that many people oppose needle exchange programs on the basis that it is morally wrong.

I personally think that is ridiculous to not give out needles to addicts. The only considerations that apply here are the practical ones. People who are already shooting up will shoot up with whatever they get their hands on. If we can give them clean needles, then they will be less likely to transmit diseases through needles. Which means that less diseases will be transfered, period. And even if you don’t care about junkies, you have to realize that not all junkies look like junkies and that said junkies can transmit diseases through other means, as well.

Similarly, I don’t see what’s wrong with heroin or methadone clinics. They have been proven to be very successful in many countries, yet we are very opposed to them here in the U.S. We have some methadone clinics, but heroin clinics are like a taboo. However, they’ve worked very well in other countries, like Switzerland.

So, in summary, can anyone here rail against needle exchange programs and heroin or methadone clinics, based on morals alone? If so, then how what are those morals formed?


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Answer by gordoncairns20002000
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Answer by nickipettis
i think the needle exchange programs and methadone clinics are morally RIGHT. they reduce the spread of disease, they help people get off bad addictions. I just can not see anything bad in that. it seems compassionate.

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