Anyone Who Was a Fan of the Soundtrack GRIDLOCK’D or at Least Know a Lot About the Songs on the Soundtrack!

Question by netta: Anyone who was a fan of the soundtrack GRIDLOCK’D or at least know a lot about the songs on the soundtrack!
First i’ll start by saying the movie stared tim roth and tupac shukar good movie but the question is about the soundtrack the is a song its #15 the last song on there its called DELIBERATIONand i asume it’s by artist called ANONYMOUS because that’s the name it says by the song but i could be wrong well i am trying to find out some info on the group or person and their music you can here a sample on they or he kind of sound like this African group who used to perform in the 80’s and 90’s i think they were on saturday night live but this may not be them i can’t even hear the whole song i had the soundtrack and that the ONLY song i like PLEASE SOMEONE HELP and if you know the name of the african group if this is not them it will help thanks

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Answer by hdcutiepie2701
Here is the soundtrack list from Wikipedia

“Wanted Dead or Alive” – 2Pac/Snoop Doggy Dogg
“Sho Shot” – The Lady Of Rage
“It’s Over Now” – Danny Boy
“Don’t Try To Play Me Homey” – Dat Nigga Daz
“Never Had A Friend Like Me” – 2Pac
“Why” – Nate Dogg
“Out The Moon” (Boom, Boom, Boom) – Snoop Doggy Dogg/Soopafly/Hershey Loc/Tray Deee/2Pac
“I Can’t Get Enough” – Danny Boy
“Tonight It’s On” – Bgoti
“Off The Hook” – Snoop Doggy Dogg/Charlie Wilson/Val Young/James DeBarge
“Lady Heroin” – J-Flexx
“Will I Rize” – Storm
“Body And Soul” – O.F.T.B. feat. Jewell
“Life Is A Traffic Jam” – Eight Mile Road/2Pac
“Deliberation” – Cody Chesnutt

So I think you’re talking about the last one by Cody Chesnutt

Hope this helps