Anyone Heard of Treating Heroin Addiction and Depression With Marijuana?

Question by T: Anyone heard of treating heroin addiction and depression with marijuana?
I am looking for websites or articles that talk about this issue. This is a serious question and I would really appreciate serious answers. I know that marijuana has medicinal uses and that both depression and heroin addiction are treated with pharmaceutical drugs which can sometimes be just as harmful. The person is already off of the heroin and has gone through the withdrawals. The doctors put them on a medication combination that has caused them even worse depression. I understand that marijuana is more natural but a lot of people think it too is addictive…then again some people don’t. I’m wondering if any research has been done on the issue. Thanks.

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Answer by Seymour Butts
Marijuana isn’t addictive and I’m pretty sure the only treatment for Heroine addiction is Methadone.

Answer by Jeff H.
Marijuana is not physically addictive at all, that is a proven fact. Mental addiction is possible, but it is a possibility with everything else as well. Do you like brownies or cookies? Craving for something sweet is a mental addiction. You could eat sweets (Or smoke marijuana) every day for a year and you could stop cold turkey and have no withdrawal symptoms. Of course you’ll be slightly angry because you would want to do it, however it would be the same sort of anger that you would feel if you can’t watch your favorite show, listen to your favorite music or eat your favorite food.

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