Another Smoking Related Question?

Question by Petra P: another smoking related question?
I went true hell this weekend after smoking my last cigarette on friday. It is still really hard but i’m still fighting. I think I got true the worst now but I was just wondering when will I be able to get cigarettes off my mind because now I can’t concentrate at all and smoking is the only thing I’m thinking of.

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Answer by John Mc
The 1964 and 1988 U.S. Surgeon General’s reports both conclusively and clearly stated that ‘nicotine and heroin were equal in addictive strength’. Ergo…anyone using either is an addict.
SO….you must realize that you are a recovering addict…plain and simple.
The government wants you to look at the guy with a crack pipe…or the person with a needle in his arm and think to yourself “What a dirty lowlife addict!!” But they don’t want you or anyone smoking tobacco to view themselves as addicts. Why?? The money being made every day from tobacco. The government needs generation after generation after generation to employ the euphemisms “smoker” and “smoking” rather than realize they are in fact nicotine addicts.
Anyone who is trying to get off cigarettes is in truth an recovering addict.
If you don’t believe me…access the Surgeon General’s reports and read it for yourself.

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