ANGELINI: Don't Ignore Fact Marijuana Is Addictive, Destructive Drug

ANGELINI: Don't ignore fact marijuana is addictive, destructive drug
Imagine for a minute a world in which marijuana is available in a vending machine or corner grocery store near you — like any other snack machine — pot-infused lollipops, gummy candies, baked goods and beverages available at the push of a button.
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Stopping drugs on Vermont highways
The troopers' deductions are indicative of how state police develop an eye for suspicious-looking cars and phony-sounding stories from drivers, or use intelligence from various sources to intercept some of the growing flow of heroin into the state …
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Love? What we are seeing here is contempt
That's akin to nicotine addiction, to heroin addiction – a fixation that keeps you coming back for more, but the only element present is craving. Just as the addict doesn't love and care for his cigarettes or his heroin as they are things, so the grown …
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