Addiction of Heroin: Would This Be a Good College Application Essay?

Question by hello: Would this be a good college application essay?
I’m writing for a “topic of your choice”, and applying to mostly art schools. Basically, I want to write about how we define ourselves by our addictions. Not necessarily drugs, but how we will continue to do the same things over and over again, because we’re addicted to these emotions and a certain way of living, among other things, like the reason we’re like this is because of our primal fears, yet underlying it all everybody feels the same way, so we take those feelings and turn them into art…or something. The essay would be mostly about my experiences with this concept, though. The title would be “Heroin”. What do you think? Would the college see it as a risk and like that, or would they just think I’m being too negative? I don’t really know much about college essay writing so I’m just sort of winging it here….

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Answer by Jessa
It’s definitely an interesting concept! I’d like to read that if I were working in admissions.

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