Addiction of Heroin: Is Oxycontin and Heroin Actually the Same Thing?

Question by average joe named joe: Is oxycontin and heroin actually the same thing?
I heard that oxycontin is like the pill for of heroin.
And the only difference is that Oxycontin is released slower over a 12 hour period.
And the reason people get so easily addicted to heroin is cuz it gives you the rush all at one times unlike oxycontin
Is there any other differences between them.

I’m not asking cuz im gonna take it either….
I’m just curious

Best answer:

Answer by DaysofSweetLight
First of all, they are both seriously, seriously addictive and the ghosts you meet on the way out of that darkness are far stronger than you.

Oxycontin, Hydrocodone etc. are opiate derivatives which means they contain opiates and other fillers and according to the FDA they are “cleaner” because of the refining.
Heroin is THE opiate that all synthetics are derived from and heroin is an extract of a part of a certain breed of the poppie flower.

Again I say, don’t walk in that shadow buddy.

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