Addicted to Profits: Insurance Companies Adjust Coverage of Methadone Clinics

Addicted to Profits: Insurance companies adjust coverage of methadone clinics
With lives at stake, methadone clinics play an integral role in treating opiate addicts. However, the actions of city and state government, insurance companies and private equity firms may impose financial difficulties on patients seeking opiate addiction …
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Settlement conference ordered in methadone clinic lawsuit
Portland — A settlement conference date has been set for the town of Warren and CRC Health Group, the agency that previously wanted to operate a methadone clinic in town but was met with opposition when the clinic plans were made public in 2010.
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Methadone on our streets a concern
A substantial amount of legally prescribed methadone is being diverted onto the streets by patients who are in treatment in either addiction clinics or with general practitioners in the community. The sole source of methadone in this country is from the …
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Deputies investigating methadone treatment facility armed robbery
AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) — The Augusta Metro Treatment Center is the latest victim of an armed robbery in Augusta, Richmond County dispatch said. The methadone treatment facility on Ellis Street was robbed around 10:30 a.m., dispatch said. Two suspects got away.
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