Addicted to Heroin: Why Do I Always Dream About Heroin?

Question by Corrine: Why do I always dream about heroin?
Lately, I’ve been having multiple dreams about me shooting up heroin. Ive never done heroin before and needles are actually one of my biggest fears so why do I keep dreaming about it? Does it mean anything?

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Answer by Zia Lucia
Apparently “heroin” is a metaphor pointing toward something else. It could be a play on words, perhaps reflecting a desire to be a “heroine” or the focus of drama. Similarly, “shooting up” could be word play, symbolizing “shooters” – potent drinks that could be addictive and self-destructive.

Zia Lucia suggests that you consider whether the dream might be your own mind’s attempt to get your attention. You might be indulging in some behavior that is just as addictive and harmful as shooting up, and the dreams are trying to break through your denial. It could even be an addiction to a relationship that is slowly destroying you, which, come to think of it, might also be very melodramatic. You might be “addicted” to playing the tragic “heroine.”

Think carefully and honestly, my dear. These dreams just might be very important indeed.

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