Addicted to Heroin: What’s the Word for When You Get Symptoms / Cravings After Quitting a Drug?

Question by Anders: What’s the word for when you get symptoms / cravings after quitting a drug?
For a piece I’m writing but the word has completely escaped me. It isn’t regression, or craving, but it’s something like that… like “Heroin ____” or “crack ____” (the space being where the word should be). As far as I’m aware it’s when you either come off an addictive drug and have severe cravings / bad symptoms of quitting.
It’s also the reason some newborns with addict mothers are given doses of drugs to wean them off. I remember being told in Science classes years ago but I can’t remember it at all. Any ideas?

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Answer by Macy Nicks
It’s called withdrawal.
Withdrawal happens when you’ve quit a drug and now you’re feeling the symptoms of it.

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