Addicted to Heroin: What Can You Say About the Effect of Television on Us?

Question by liveasahb: What can you say about the effect of television on us?
“Deserves to be the modern classic on mind-altering drugs and hallucinogens.” In this modern classic that television is emotionally equivalent to electronic heroin: “The nearest analogy to the addictive power of television and the transformation of values that is wrought in the life of the heavy user is probably heroin. Heroin flattens the image; with heroin, things are neither hot nor cold; the junkie looks out at the world certain that what ever it is, it does not matter. The illusion of knowing and of control that heroin engenders is analogous to the unconscious assumption of the television consumer that what is seen is ‘real’ somewhere in the world. In fact, what is seen are the cosmetically enhanced surfaces of products. Television, while chemically non-invasive, nevertheless is every bit as addicting and physiologically damaging as any other drug.

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