Addicted to Heroin: Stopping Smoking: Taking It by Its Psychological Horns

Another year is about to end but you have not been true to your New Year’s resolution to stop smoking.  Another new year is coming and you are avowing to quit smoking.  The question remains when will you ever top smoking.  You just can’t seem to quit.  

It is indeed the most difficult thing people are trying to do.  But the trip to stopping might be thorny but it really is worth it.  Look at all the benefits you get when you stop.  The people around can benefit as well.  Surely by now you have heard the dangers smoking cigarette entails.  And you are probably dead tired hearing about the list so your family and friends are giving up listening to your promises of quitting.

Stopping smoking is not easy but the fact is you can do it.  There is no denying of the diseases that you virtually gained through the cigarettes you have smoked.  Such as lung disease, heart diseases, cancers other than lung cancer like bladder, stomach and pancreas to name some.  There is also peptic ulcer.  The risks of stroke are markedly increased.  And do you need more?

Nicotine is the drug found in tobacco as addictive as heroine and cocaine.  Studies have shown that smokers must deal with both the physical and psychological dependence to be successful in stopping smoking and maintaining it.  When you inhale nicotine is carried deep into your lungs absorbed by into your bloodstream and circulated throughout your body.   The whole process is what makes the smoker sick.  

Since the addiction can be potent, it is what makes stopping difficult.  But if you are decided and hell bent on stopping smoking, you might just be able to overcome the habit.  Embark on a self-analysis.  Get organized.  Plan your day. Chew gum and avoid fatigue.  Make your hands busy.  Flip a coin, brush your fingernails or paint if you may.

If it is a pleasure smoking a cigarette then keep a list of non-smoking pleasures.  Begin an exciting and enjoyable exercise program.  Relax but not with smoking.  Listen to good music or other relaxing alternatives like a walk or a talk. Engage in a hobby or sport.  Swim with your buddies or family members.  Change your routine.  Throw away any remnants of your cigarette smoking days such as lighter, cigarettes, and ashtrays.  Go to places where smoking is prohibited.  Chances are you are catching up on things you have missed like the theaters, libraries and malls.

If you have reconditioned your mind to think of smoking as something silly and preposterous thing to do, then you are almost halfway to success. Find reasons, gripping and emotional reasons to pursue stopping smoking.  When you have finally settled to the idea that there are better things in life than smoking, you are done.  This is conquering the psychological addiction to smoking.  

Be wary of after effects in the process.  It can be awfully unpleasant but those are just temporary setbacks.  The road to a smokefree life is at hand.

Written by nitron

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