Addicted to Heroin: I Went Out With Another Guy Last Night and I Was Supposed to See My Boyfriend, What Do I Do?

Question by Chloe: I went out with another guy last night and I was supposed to see my boyfriend, what do I do?
I’m in a predicament here. I know, it’s my fault! However, my boyfriend and I are having major problems. I won’t break up with him. He’s a serious drug addict and it’s affecting our relationship immensely of course. If I give him an ultimatum, he’ll choose drugs. He says he doesn’t have a problem and is only using heroin “a few times a week”. I don’t believe that. He’s using every day. I’m not stupid.
So, he’s ignoring me most of the time so I met another guy and had dinner and spent the night with him. I think my boyfriend is suspicious. He called me last night a few times and I didn’t answer (I wasn’t there). What do I tell him today? Should I just say that “I went to bed early”? Any other advice then “dump him”?

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Answer by JOSH
dump him

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