Addicted to Heroin: How Do Find Ways to Get Over My “Rocovering Heroin” Addict He’s on My Mind 24/7?

Question by allie: how do find ways to get over my “rocovering heroin” addict he’s on my mind 24/7?
yesterday i asked everyone about how do i make my “recovering heroin” addict know how much he’s hurt me. so many of you gave me great advice. one person said “addicts thrive on the care of their loved ones & they wont care if they keep hurting them” i have kept away for almost two months now but i have to find things to make me get over him. please don’t tell me that i need to go out and do things or go on a trip or even therapy. i’m doing all that, it’s just not working. does any one have any great ideas. i know time will heal things but in the mean time how do i find strategies that work. i’m just getting tired of letting this drag and ruin my days. i feel like i’m consumed with it and i can’t focus on anything. i admit the intensity of missing him has diminished but i don’t want to have to go through this for months. some even have told me it would take me a year. i can’t waste all that time over someone who is never going to become my partner.

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Answer by Denise J
Tell yourself that he has made the decision. It was heroin or you. And he chose heroin. That should tell you something. You need to move on. There is nothing here that suggests that he wants you back. It is that you were not finished with the relationship. He has made he choice. Now it’s time for you to move on with your life. You can’t change him. Busy yourself with volunteer work or a second job. Smile and hang around people that have fun. Good luck.

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