Addicted to Heroin: For Many, a Life-Saving Drug Out of Reach

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Addicted To Heroin: For Many, a Life-Saving Drug Out of Reach
A recovering heroin addict, he relapsed in 2004 after 11 years off drugs. Harm Reduction CoalitionMark Kinzly gave a lecture about HIV prevention at Yale University in 2007. That year, he was working on an HIV-related project at Yale University and had
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Addicted To Heroin: Beautiful food for thought — and action
Fouhse has been photographing addicts on the streets of the Market since 2007, on the block where Murray Street meets King Edward Avenue. On any day you can walk there and pass a selection of people addicted to crack and heroin and God only knows what
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Addicted To Heroin: Brandon Returns

Karli, 20, is addicted to heroin and OxyContin. She’s suffered seizures and has overdosed and relapsed many times. Brandon, a former guest and addict, returns to the show to compel her to get help. See more on
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