Addicted to Heroin: Does Anyone Know About Suboxone and the Dangers of Taking It Occasionally When Someone Can’t Get Opiates?

Question by Chloe: Does anyone know about Suboxone and the dangers of taking it occasionally when someone can’t get opiates?
My boyfriend is an opiate addict and is mainly addicted to Heroin. He spent the night and day with me sleeping almost the whole time. He was taking Suboxone he said because it blocks the effects of “Heroin”. I’m not stupid. I’m a recovering Heroin addict myself. He’s taking the Suboxone when he can’t get Heroin. Basically, he’s taking Suboxone sometimes and Heroin the rest of the time. I think this is very dangerous. I noticed he’s also taking Flexeril, Xanax, and Soma on top of all this. He won’t listen to me and denies he has a problem. I’m only seeing him maybe 1 time a week for the sake of my own sobriety (I don’t want to hang out with his “druggie” friends) and because it is just plain annoying and sometimes scary to be around someone messed up on opiates. I’m not going to break up with him. He will eventually probably get arrested and sent to jail for a long time (he’s on probation) or OD.

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Answer by Jody
Possibly you have switched addictions from drugs to the drug addicted. Relationship Addictions. It often happens with recovering addicts. Your hope is in Al-Anon, and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) (open meetings) if you are ever to break your addiction to addicts. And to stay off drugs yourself.

Counseling can help too, immensely. If you pry your focus off him and onto you, it is your new beginning out of the lifestyle, and you can work your way into normal, healthy relationships and lifestyles… otherwise statistics are overwhelming that you will continue to couple with addicts only.

You must also surrender to the fact that you can’t control him and you can’t control his addiction. Again, AA, Al-anon and NA can give you your freedom.

I did it, and you can too. What a journey!! Best of luck to you.

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