Addicted to Heroin: Buy or Sell: If the Massacre Had Been Biggie’s CD Instead of 50’s…..?

Question by TLC FO LIFE: RIP LEFTEYE: Buy or Sell: if The Massacre had been Biggie’s CD instead of 50’s…..?
It would’ve been his 3rd classic CD?

I know i’m going to sound crazy, but I have listened to The Massacre many times, and honestly, it reminds me of Ready to Die. The storytelling on most of the songs about selling drugs, toting guns, killing people, sleeping with women, and having your life on the life is only one of many similarities to RTD. Also, the production on The Massacre is very underrated, and it makes me mad. The production, just like RTD, is a blend of dark gritty beats and club beats that makes the albums versatile. I think The Massacre is 50 cent’s best album, and people will see in a decade or more, that it is better than GRODT. 50 cent proved his genius on #11 of the album “A baltimore love thing” when he talked about seeing the life of a drug addict through the eyes of the one who was with her all the time, which was the actual drug she was using “heroin”. 50 cent and Biggie in their prime both had similar storytelling attributes, and for that reason, I believe that if The Massacre was biggie’s CD instead of 50’s, people would have declared it his 3rd classic, and i assure you it would have a 5 mic rating.

What do you think? Do you agree with this or no?

PS: If you haven’t listened to The Massacre, you need to, because it is extremely underrated.
That love track you referring to is A Baltimore love thing. That song isn’t about love. It’s a metaphor, and 50 is seeing the life of a drug addict through the actual drug (heroin). He is the drug in the song. It’s genius when you break it down.

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get off the pipe

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