13 Weeks: I Am a Diabetic

13 Weeks: I Am a Diabetic
Same thing with obesity, with depression, and with drug addiction. Theodore Dalrymple has an instructive, if in my opinion mistaken, piece on this in PJM a few days ago, where he questions whether we'd think of having “Arthritics Anonymous” where … Read more on PJ Media

Clerk unfazed by holdup attempt
Clerk unfazed by holdup attempt. A heroin addict who tried to rob a carryout by passing an armed clerk a note remains in the Sandusky County jail on $ 100,000 bond, according to a Fremont police report. Jessica Cuffman. Fremont. Sep 21, 2013 … Read more on Sandusky Register

10 foreigners who kicked drug addiction through yoga built 2 houses as token
RELATED. UDUPI: Ten foreigners, addicted to drugs, were transformed into social workers in a span of 25 days with the help of yoga. The group of 14 foreigners – the … Norway's Siv, Rebbeca, Lars Andre, Fredy, Helge, Sven, Nicolai and Ole Johnny … Read more on Times of India

2013 Heroin Kills Symposium
This Week in Santa Clarita previews the 2013 Heroin Kills Symposium event happening Wednesday, August 28, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Santa Clarita Activit…