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Heroin Detox: Shaking Free

Nick's heroin addiction (1991)

Nick’s heroin addiction (1991) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heroin addiction has nothing to do with where you were born, how much money you make, or the color of your skin. Not even your age.

When it comes to addiction to this drug I would have to say that this narcotic drug is one of the most insidious drugs ever created. This is mainly due to the intense euphoric effect it has on its users.

Once heroin gets hold of a person it is very difficult to stop using and the only way for the person to stop is with a heroin detox.

Some addicts use until the day they die or if lucky land in prison for a drug-related crime. Heroin addicts will do whatever it takes to get another bag of dope. They will lie to their loved ones, steal, rob, and sell drugs.

As a recovering addict I can tell you that from my experience addicts try to say the only person they are hurting are themselves. This is a lie that allows them to continue their use of drugs. In truth addiction pretty much affects everyone the addict comes in contact with. When they do this it is a classic case of denial.

Heroin Detox is the Only Way to Stop

They will continue to use until they have had enough. It almost takes something major to happen in an addict’s life for them to want to change. This could be a death from heroin overdose of someone they were close to or being locked up in jail for a while.

I have to say that there is hope for all addicts. I have found that any addict can stop using drugs, lose the desire to use, and find a new way to live and this includes everyone who is reading this trying to recover from heroin addiction.

The least expensive way to kick heroin is by attending Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. These meetings can be found worldwide and have proven to be quite effective in helping addicts get clean and change their lives. Do not pay any attention to the lame old lie that once a heroin addicts always one. This kind of thinking is just plain ludicrous.

Rehab Starts With Heroin Detox

There is another way for you to stop using and it would involve going to heroin addiction treatment. This type of rehab is in a drug treatment facility where the addicted person goes to rehab for heroin detox. This procedure is done by people who are trained to administer prescription medications to help ease the pain of withdrawal. The entire detox can take up to a week but usually less.

I am in recovery myself and I like to write heroin detox and heroin addiction. It is my goal to give others information on how they can stop using, overcome drug addiction and find a new way to live without drugs. Article from articlesbase.com


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